FAQS- Frequently Asked Questions

How do i bet on the site?

You cannot bet on our site, we are not a bookmaker, winsecure247 is a prediction website that offers analysis on football matches.

Do you have fixed matches?

We don’t have fixed matches, we only offer predictions from our professional tipsters and our international affiliates.

How often do you win?

we have professional tipsters and sources that score 90% on their predictions rate you are guaranteed to make profit if you subscribe to us

How can i subscribe?

You can subscribe to any of our plans through bank transfer, debit cards and transfer.

Why didn’t I see your predictions today?

We offer predictions on a daily basis, but some factors like maintenance may delay in such cases, be patient our technical team is always working round the clock. We are always committed to your success.
For other questions, you can find us in gmail, facebook, instagram, livechat, twitter and whatsApp

How do I become a member?

Become a member by registering on our website.

How much is your plan?

Access our plan on the homepage of the website, by login in and clicking subscribe. Each plan has its unique usefulness.

What if your prediction fails?

We offer 90% assurance on our games and its been reliable, in the case of a failed predictions, our expert will review and give a better one next time, since its a month plan . Profit is guaranteed.

How do i access paid games?

We upgrade your account after you might have subscribed to any plan you paid for automatically it can also be done manually by sending us your email address info@winsecure247.com or to our number

How much is the secure calculator?

The secure calculator costs a token you can get it by simply chatting us up on whatsapp +2348185015346.

How can i get the training on the secure virtual system?

The training for the secure virtual system cost a token, a dedicated expert will be assign to you, to put you through. An ebook plus staking plan will be given plus a video explaining the strategy.

What plan is best for me?

All our plan are performing excellently. subscribe to a plan. Profit is guarantee.

What time does your secure virtual system run?

Our secure virtual system is daily from 6am to 5pm daily. You can join anytime, There are special night plan

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