Serie A – Disappointed Ronaldo Storms Out Of The Stadium After Been Substituted


In a sudden twist of plot witnessed by sports lovers around,what would have been termed as an atrocity few seasons back,played out in the glaring sight of all. Though,Maurizio Sarri may have some good reasons for pulling Cristiano Ronaldo out of the encounter against AC Milan nevertheless,it was impossible to fathom what bizarre reasons prompted such decisions.

Cristiano Ronaldo was thoroughly irritated and,neither was he happy nor pleased,with the fact that he had to be substituted by Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri twice in a row.

Ronaldo’s replacement Paulo Dybala eventually scored the winning goal,in the 77th minute with a goal,the former Real Madrid hit-man would have been proud of.

After a quick exchange of passes, the Argentine maneuvered past Alessio Romagnoli and beat Gianluigi Donnarumma with a right foot shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo was taken off the game in the 55th minute his earliest substitution since he began his exploration in Juventus at the start of the previous season and more bizarrely,is the fact that this was the first time he had been replaced twice in succession.

Despite producing a below par performance,Ronaldo threw a disgusting glance towards his manager,Maurizio Sarri, muttered something under his breath and walked straight down the tunnel.

It was also reported by Sky Sport Italia that Ronaldo eventually left the stadium before the game had even come to a conclusion.

Ronaldo also looked unhappy after being replaced during Wednesday’s Champions League match against Lokomotiv Moscow.

Though,it was later claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo had been nursing a bruise and,requested to be pulled out of the game. Others claimed Maurizio Sarri had to pull him out of the game,to stop him from eventually aggravating an injury he had. Nevertheless,as it stand now,it still remains oblivious and unknown to all, whether there is an existing feud between the 5-times World Footballer of The Year and his manager,Maurizio Sarri.


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