Southampton vs Leicester : The 9-Goal Holocaust That Would Forever Be Remembered


In a night that Leicester City Football Club would forever remember; and also a night,Southampton Football Club would wish to erase from memory,the English Premier League,witnessed its greatest ever away victory by a team,in its entire history.

Perhaps,winter came too early at the St Mary’s Stadium,home ground of Southampton Football Club,after they had a terrible faux pas against visitors,Leicester City.

In a fixture that was dubbed a regular occurrence and fixture like any other in the EPL,soon turned into an unbelievable bloodbath for the home side. Southampton came into the game,with a total of 8 points,and with high hopes of sailing out of the relegation zone,against a Leicester side who hitherto,had 17 points,and were luxuriously cruising in an enviable position n the table within the top four positions.

The annihilation begin with a deadly drive forward by Harvey Barnes of Leicester city. Soon,the Southampton defense gave way for yet another offensive surge by the Leicester players,which gave rise to the first out of many goals,by left back Ben Chilwell,on the 10th minute.

Soon,pressure set in on the part of the home team,which saw a very disastrous and unprofessional tackle by former Chelsea defender Bertrand,against a Leicester city man,which immediately earned him a red card. An already dilapidated Southampton were now left to battle their way out of the mess,with just ten men on the pitch.

It didn’t take long before the floodgates were eventually opened. The 17th minute saw another goal scored by Leicester’s man,Youri Tielemeans. Just two minutes after that,Ayoze Perez made it 3-nil at the 19th minute in favor of Leicester City at the detriment of an already downtrodden Southampton.

The nightmare started taking shape and form for the Southampton faithfuls,when Ayoze made it 4 goals to nil in favor of the visitor. It was also his second of the game in the first half. One would have thought the home side would have put in place,certain counter measures to put to halt,the ever destructive Leicester City’s offensive moves but,the opposite was the case,as Leicester hero,Jamie Vardy extended the visitors lead to 5 goals at the brink of the first half.

The second 45 minutes probably sealed the fate of the home side beyond redemption,as it harbored in its belly,an even more nebulous reality for them.

The 58th minute saw Ayoze with his first hat-trick of the season,as he slotted-in the 6th goal of the game,in favor of Leicester. Jamie Vardy soon followed with the 7th goal and his second of the game. The already ridiculous scoreline was further extended by James Maddison to make it 8 goals to nil. To wrap up the greatest humiliation in the history books of Southampton FC,is Jamie Vardy with a 90th minute penalty kick,which he converted thus,extending the lead to 9 goals to nil and his third and hat-trick of the game.

With this victory,Leicester City has recorded the biggest victory by an away team in an English top-flight league fixture,within the 131-year history of the Football League..quite impressive.

They have also become the second team in the history of the Premier League to establish a 5-goal lead in the first 45 minutes of an away encounter in the competition. Manchester City was the only other team to have had such an impressive goal stat,when they scored 5 away goals against Burnley within the first 45 minutes.

Leicester City also became only the second team in the history of the English in the same game. Arsenal was the only other team to have established such an outstanding record in the history of the English Premier League,with two of its players,Pennant and Pires,with hat-tricks in the same game,in May 2003.

This defeat also represents Southampton FC’s greatest and biggest ever defeat as a soccer team in all known footballing competition in memory.


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