Player Of The Day: Sadio Mane


Name: Sadio Mane


DOB: April 10,1992

Place Of Birth: Sedhiou,Senegal

Age: 27 yrs

Profession: Soccer Player.

Position: Forward

Current Club:Liverpool FC

Previous Club:Southampton

Net Worth:$20 million

Zodiac Sign:Aries

Born on the 10th of April,1992 in Sedhiou,Senegal,Sadio’s tale of success and resilience today,serves as a source of motivation to the numerous Senegalese kids aspiring to be footballers.From a very humble beginning as a youngster in his village of Bambali,Sadio showed remarkable talent for the game of soccer though,his parents were first skeptical about the whole thing but gradually gave in later on.

Just like numerous soccer fanatics,Mane drew motivation from the Senegalese soccer icons such as Henry Kamara,El Hadj Diouf and,Fadiga and fantasized seeing himself on the big stage as them.If he had been told then that he’d probably surpass their achievements,he’d probably had thrown such thoughts out of the window.

At an early when he decided to professionally tow the line of soccer,he left his village for Dakar,the capital of Senegal.Here,Mane would try his luck in several tries and was quite able to convince the coach of the most popular academies in Dakar.Mane would eventually go on to score 131 goals in just 90 appearances within the space of 2 seasons.This marked a gradual turning point in his infant career.

Soon,fortune shown on Mane when French soccer scouts,marveled by the awesome display of talent, selected him as one of the gifted youngsters that would be eventually taken to France,to further their footballing career thus,his professional footballing career began in a French club known as Metz at just the age of 15.

After a bitter sweet experience in Metz,he progressed to Germany,where he played for Red Bull Salzburg. In Salzburg,he scored a total of 42 goals in 80 appearances,over the course of 2 seasons.This remarkable display of talent went unnoticed by English side Southampton where,he was quickly signed by the English outfit.Here in Southampton,he’d set a record of the player with the fastest hat-trick in the history of the English Premier League,with goals coming in within the space of 176 seconds against Aston Villa. This and many other factor made him a force to reckon with in England thus,it was no surprise when Liverpool FC came calling for him.

In 2016,Mane put to pen a contract,worth 34 million pounds therefore,making him the most expensive African player in history as at that time.His efforts and sacrifices in Liverpool cannot go unnoticed,as he has cemented his name not only as a regular starter but,a pillar within the team structure.Mane,who helped Liverpool into a UEFA champions League final against Real Madrid FC during the 2017-18 season but eventually lost to Real Madrid,still helped the team secure the same UEFA Champions League trophy the following season,when the defeated their fellow English rival Tottenham Hot-spurs by 2 goals to nil.He also helped his team secure the UEFA-EUROPA Super Cup,when Chelsea football fell to their tactical machinations.Mane also helped his country Senegal reach the final of the CAF Cup of Nations,where they eventually lost to Algeria.

Sadio Mane,whose rise to fame,fortune and,stardom,came not in a bed of roses but,through sheer determination and hard-work.Today,he is not only recognized as a Senegalese or continental soccer icon but also,as a global legend whose exploits in football has earned him a footprint in the soccer sands of time.



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